Upcoming Events

Society Members’ Collection Exhibition

special preview of the Arensberg Collection

Katharine Kuh

1949 Annual Exhibition

1949 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

From Colony to Nation

Frederick A. Sweet and Hans Huth

Katharine Kuh

The Unknown Van Goghs

Jacob Baart de la Faille

Treasure Hunt

Eloise O. and Otto L. Spaeth

Edith Gregor Halpert

Frank Lloyd Wright

Iowa City, IA

1948 Annual Exhibition

1948 Annual Meeting

Mies van der Rohe

Three Chicago Collections: The Brewsters, the Marxs, and the Paepckes

Reviewing the Reviews

Lincoln Kirstein

Alfred Steiglitz and Georgia O'Keefe

Daniel Catton Rich

J. Leroy Davidson

Kurt Seligmann

The Art Steeplechase

Alexander Dorner

1947 Annual Exhibition

1947 Annual Meeting

Daniel Catton Rich

The Semantics of Modern Art

S.I. Hayakawa

James Caffery

The Institute of Design

J.B. Neumann

1946 Annual Exhibition

1946 Annual Meeting

Daniel Catton Rich and Frederick A. Sweet

Aaron Bohrod

Encyclopedia Britannica Collection Preview

1945 Annual Meeting

1945 Annual Exhibition

Joseph Hudnut

The Place of Indian Art in American Art

RenĂ© d’Harnoncourt

1944 Annual Meeting

Members of the Society for Contemporary American Art

Bartlett Hayes

Salcia Bahnc, Francis Chapin, and Edgar Miller

1943 Annual Meeting

1943 Annual Exhibition

Georgia O'Keeffe

Swap Party

Copeland Burg, Julio de Diego, and Nicola Ziroli

The Significance of American Expressionism

Oskar Hagen

The Significance of the Founders of Modern American Art

Oskar Hagen

1942 Annual Exhibition

2nd Annual Exhibition

Kathleen Blackshear

Juliana Force

1941 Annual Meeting

1941 Annual Exhibition

Peppino Mangravite

Discussion of Events for The Society for Contemporary Art

Election of Officers

Inaguration of Society for Contemporary American Art