Upcoming Events

Sam Hunter

1959 Annual Exhibition

1959 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

Hugh Edwards, Harold Joachim, and Katharine Kuh

Helene Kantor

The Artist Looks at People

George Buehr and Harvey Lewis

The American Landscape

Theodoros Stamos

1958 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

1958 Annual Exhibition

Primitive Art

The Search for Seurat

Daniel Catton Rich

1957 Annual Exhibition

Color Reproduction

Katharine Kuh

What is Going on in American Art Today

Dorothy Miller, Arthur Osver, and Theodore Roszak

Louis Sullivan

Douglas Haskell

If I were a collector, this is what I would buy

Daniel Catton Rich

1956 Annual Exhibition

Kunstadter, Maremont and Zurcher Collection Tour

Harry Callahan, Arthur Siegal, and Aaron Siskind

American Artists on American Art

Ibram Lassaw and Hedda Sterne

Members' Art Exhibition

Aline Saarinen

Ivan Le Lorraine Albright and Abbott Pattison

1955 Annual Exhibition and Acquisition Vote

1955 Annual Meeting

Japanese Prints and Modern Art

Margaret Gentles, Katharine Kuh, and Daniel Catton Rich

Bad Taste

Buckminster Fuller

Good Design

Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.

Stuart Davis, George L.K. Morris, and James Johnson Sweeney

1954 Annual Meeting

1954 Annual Exhibition

Designer-Craftsmen, U.S.A.

Film as Art

Gold Coast Gallery Walk

Artists of Chicago and Vicinity

Sydney J. Harris

1953 Annual Exhibition

1953 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

Behind the Scenes with Leger

Katharine Kuh

Emerging American Artists Exhibition

Jacques Lipchitz

Kirk Askew, Jr., Henry Hope, Carl Schniewind, and Walter Paepcke

Martha Graham

1952 Annual Exhibition

1952 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax Company Administration Building and Laboratory Tour

A Psychoanalyst looks at Modern Art

Franz Alexander

Frederick A. Sweet

Art in Industry

Walter Paepcke

Experimental Films and Films on art

Dale O’Brian, Earle Ludgin, Katharine Kuh, and Victor Zurcher

Henry-Russell Hitchcock

1951 Annual Exhibition

1951 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

Meyric R. Rogers

The Greatest Faker in the World

Daniel Catton Rich

Chicago Public School Art Society

Dorothy Adlow

Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Block Collection Tour

The Task of Art Today

Gy├Ârgy Kepes

1950 Annual Exhibition

1950 Annual Meeting

Clarence John Laughlin

Charles Eames, Alexander Girard, Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., and Meyric R. Rogers