1988 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

We will meet for the purpose of electing directors and officers for the coming year and for the further purpose of selecting our gift to The Art Institute. The gift will represent the culmination of a two-year effort to shift our focus to the work of younger artists and to heighten the involvement of The Society in the choice of a gift. In recent months, we have reviewed the works of Sean Scully, Cindy Sherman, Bill Woodrow and Martin Puryear. Neal Benezra will give us a brief overview of those artists and their works. The works from which our choice is to be made will be on view at The Art Institute that evening.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $25

04:30PM – 06:15PM – Exhibition
Dining Rooms 2 & 3

06:15PM – 07:15PM – Lecture
Dining Rooms 2 & 3

07:15PM – 08:30PM – Dining
Dining Rooms 2 & 3