2002 Annual Meeting and Acquisition Vote

The Acquisition Committee of the Society for Contemporary Art at The Art Institute of Chicago is proud to announce acquisition candidates for 2002. This year?s acquisition selection will offer three unique choices installed in different locations of The Art Institute of Chicago. A multiscreen video installation by DOUG AITKEN will be on view in Gallery 137, sculpture by JANET CARDIFF will be located in Gallery 135, and two sculptures by ERNESTO NETO will be installed in Gallery 273. Due to the nature of the installations, specifically Aitken?s minute video and Cardiff?s work which can only accommodate three participants at a time, we encourage you to preview the works before the evening of the acquisition vote. They will be on view beginning Friday, April 19. James Rondeau will provide a presentation of the proposed works for membership prior to the voting. Please be aware that you must be present to vote. Couples may share a single membership vote.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $60

05:30PM – 07:00PM – Reception
The Restaurant on the Park

06:00PM – 06:30PM – Exhibition
Chagall Windows

07:00PM – 07:30PM – Dining
The Trustees’ Room