A. James Speyer and Neal Benezra

Curator A. James Speyer and Associate Curator Neal Benezra will present to us an overview of Contemporary Painting & Sculpture in the XXth Century Department. This presentation will be a unique opportunity to hear from Messrs. Speyer and Benezra about significant works in the Collection, many provided through Society for Contemporary Arts gifts over the past five decades. The presentation will also be an opportunity to see how the Society’s gifts have strengthened the Collection and to gain insight into the collecting process of a major museum department, especially the differences between private and museum collecting. Messrs. Speyer and Benezra will point out the areas in which acquisitions are most needed to fill out the XXth Century Collection of painting and sculpture. This presentation is intended to provide us, the Society members, with insight into the operation and goals of the XXth Century Department and a context in which to consider future donations of contemporary works that, like our previous gifts, are significant and important to the department.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $22

05:30PM – 06:15PM – Reception
The Stock Exchange Trading Room

06:15PM – 07:30PM – Lecture
The Stock Exchange Trading Room

07:30PM – 09:00PM – Dining
The Stock Exchange Trading Room