Collier Schorr

Collier Schorr’s enigmatic portraits, mostly of adolescents in the United States and in Germany, conflate ideas of sexuality and desire, nationalism and history, identity and politics by blending stark realism with elements of fiction and youthful fantasy. Through her lens high school and collegiate wrestlers homogenize into one emotional and physical type. Photographs of German youths dressed in German, Israeli, Weimer (Nazi) or American Vietnam-era military uniforms, provoke intensely personal responses triggered by associations embedded in social and political histories. Her portrait series, Jens F., shows a maturing teenage boy performing a gender role-reversal as he attempts to adopt the poses in Andrew Wyeth’s Helga pictures. The book version, which includes the contact print studies for Jens F. collaged onto the pages of a catalogue of reproductions of Wyeth’s paintings and drawings along with Schorr’s scribbled margins notes, examines the formal differences between photography and painting, the dynamics between artists and models, and the relationship of gender intimacy and sexuality. Her upcoming publication, Memories of the Administration, previewed in the February issue of Artforum, combines early photographs by Schorr with captions and headlines pertaining to current and historical military conflicts. Collier Schorr has had solo exhibitions at Modern Art, London (2006, 2004), Consorcio Salamanca, Spain (2002) and 303 Gallery, NY, among others. Her work was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial, the 2003 International Center for Photography Triennial and group shows, most notably at Brooklyn Museum of Art (2004), Walker Art Center (2001), P.S. 1 (2001), the Renaissance Society (1996), and Gallery 400 (1995). Collier Schorr–Forest and Fields: Neighbors recently opened at the Badischer Kunstverein and an exhibition of her project Jens F. will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver in 2008. Please call Jenny Gheith at 312.443.3630 to make your reservation. All reservations must be made by Friday, 9 March. The Society for Contemporary Art would like to acknowledge our partnership with Sotheby?s and Hotel Blake for this and upcoming events

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