Francesco Vezzoli in conversation with Dan Cameron

Please join The Society for Contemporary Art for an evening with Dan Cameron and Francesco Vezzoli. Francesco Vezzoli is one of several artists of recent years to be sampling and reclaiming the past, rearranging it and inhabiting its contours with their own sensibility. In the case of Vezzoli, an Italian video artist born in Brescia Italy in 1971, his videos are structured as clips, incisive short stories rich in images. His latest piece, An Embroidered Trilogy consists of three videos to be considered as single acts in one drama. Act one, OK, the Praz is Right, was filmed at the home-museum of Mario Praz in Rome and features 60?s Italian singer Iva Zanicchi singing one of her old hits as Vezzoli himself embroiders a petit point portrait of Praz. Act two is Dream of Venus in which actress Franca Valeri, a classic ugly duckling comedy actress, dances to the electronic music of German band Kraftwerk, resplendent in a monumental Capucci gown, she is a diva at last. Meanwhile, Vezzoli continues to embroider. The third act, The End (teletheater), Vezzoli has enlisted the help of Valentina Cortese, unforgettable in her role in Francois Truffaut?s Oscar winning La Nuit Am?ricaine. Cortese recites the Beatles? Help as though it were a Shakespearean drama. Each short has been entrusted to external eyes as Vezzoli hired well known directors of photography to direct each piece, which allowed him to be in each work as a constant vigilant presence, an actor-voyeur in the mysterious role of the ?Embroiderer.? This piece by Vezzoli is rich in apparent nods to the past, as images, people, and things receive the transversal treatment so present and so needed amidst the urgency of contemporaneity. Dan Cameron, Senior Curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, began his career as an art critic and historian. As Contributing Editor for Arts Magazine, ArtForum, Flash Art, and Arts & Auction, he has written catalogues and monographs on some of the most exciting artists at work today. His insight and innovation at the New Museum have earned him an international reputation for remarkable exhibition programming.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $40

05:30PM – 06:30PM – Reception
The Photo Study Room

06:30PM – 07:30PM – Lecture
The Photo Study Room