Cindy Sherman

Dan Cameron

Our meeting will be the second in a series of four meetings devoted to the work of younger artists, from whose work we are making a selection at the annual meeting in May, as a gift to The Art Institute. This meeting will deal with the work of Cindy Sherman. Cindy Sherman is 33 years of age and has been working in New York since 1977, after having studied at the State College University on New York, Buffalo. Her work deals with the presentation of images and the mystery which occurs by taking so-called real images and presenting them in a way which questions their reality. There is strong objectivity, an absence of reassurance and no hint directly of what we are to think. The attitude that using a camera for an end result that doesn’t necessarily have much to do with photography, is at the cornerstone of Cindy Sherman’s approach. Dan Cameron studied at Syracuse University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy from Bennington College. He is a writer and musician and has lived and worked in New York since 1980. His writings have appeared in Arts Magazine since 1983 and more recently in Artforum and Flash Art. He curated “Art and its Double” for the Fundacion Caja Des Pensions in Barcelona and Madrid and included Cindy Sherman’s work in an exhibition which included abstract painting, photography and object-based sculpture.