Video Art: The First 15 Years

David Ross

“Video Art: The First 15 Years” is the title of our next lecture, to be given by David Ross, Chief Curator, University Art Museum, Berkeley, California. Mr. Ross organized the first department of video art in any institution when he was at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, New York and has written articles for numerous periodicals on the topic of video art. He will present an overview of the origins and activity in artists’ use of television and will illustrate his lecture through videotape and slides, with critical comments on the current state of video art. Chicago is a center of activity in video art, and the School of The Art Institute is in the forefront of this field. After Mr. Ross’s talk the Experimental Video Studio adjacent to the Space will be open for a demonstration and illustration of video equipment and presentation possibilities, led by Barbara Latham, Director of the Video Department, and others.