Jasper Johns

Gerald Silk

At the next meeting, Mr. Gerald Silk, Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Art at The University of Pennsylvania, will speak about the work of Jasper Johns through an exploration of Johns’ most auto-biographical work. Mr. Silk has written and lectured extensively on Futurism, Pop Art, modern portraiture and other subjects. He has instructed in Art History at the University of Virginia and Columbia University in New York as well as being an Associate Editor for Arts Magazine. He has also spent time at Syracuse University’s school in Florence, Italy. Among his many publications is his book, “The Automobile Culture” (Abrams 1984) reflective of his enormous range of interests, looking at the image of the automobile in art, the automobile as a designed object and the ways the automobile has changed the way we look at landscape. His writing is intelligent, accessible and explores novel points of view.