Alexandra Bachzetsis: Chasing a Ghost

Iterations Performance and Member Reception

Performance & Reception

Alexandra Bachzetsis’s Chasing a Ghost is the third installment of Iterations, the Art Institute’s multiyear series of new performances.


One of the most provocative choreographers of our time, Alexandra Bachzetsis (born 1974, Swiss-Greek) draws from histories of art, music, cinema, popular culture and fashion, and projects them onto the body. Through this method of citation, Bachzetsis considers how our bodies are used and can be activated in today’s increasingly polarizing discussions around identity and body politics.


In her newly commissioned work Chasing a Ghost, which premieres at the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachzetsis continuously creates a double—a double body, a double sound, a double space, a double image. Challenging the choreographic archetype of the duet, Chasing a Ghost stages these doubles within a spectrum of violence and desire. Central to this duality, a double in of itself, is the notion of the uncanny: an estranging phenomenon in a seemingly ordinary context, but also the potential act of transgression as our repressed impulses and subconsciousness may at any time rupture into our experience of reality.


Chasing a Ghost encompasses a choreography for five dancers (including the artist herself), an original music score played live by two pianists, and a stage setting that shifts between live movement and moving image. These elements are in constant relationship to each other, but the connections between them are intentionally disturbed. As such, Bachzetsis transforms the duet into an unsettling image, the movement between two bodies a distressing and unexpected occurrence, a perpetual folie-à-deux that challenges how we look at ourselves and others.


Chasing a Ghost will be performed:

October 31 at 6:00

November 1 at 8:00

November 2 at 8:00

A limited number of tickets for the November 1 performance will be complimentary to SCA members. Registration is required.

Please note: doors will close promptly at the stated performance times. Please plan on arriving early. Late seating will not be available. Space is limited for these performances. This performance includes scenes with nudity. No photography/videography is permitted during the performance.



Concept and Choreography: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Collaboration Concept and Stage: Sotiris Vasiliou
Creation and Performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Johanna Willig-Rosenstein, Owen Ridley-DeMonick, Gabriel Schenker, Sotiris Vasiliou
Music Arrangement and Performance: Simon Bucher and Mischa Cheung
Sound Concept: Lies Vanborm
Commissioning Curator: Hendrik Folkerts
Dramaturgy: Dorota Sajewska

Costume Design
Fashion Design: Léa Dickely and Hung La / Kwaidan Editions
Conceptual Advice and Research: Christian Hersche
Styling: Priska Morger and Eva Buehler

Communication Design: Julia Born
Photography: Mathilde Agius
First Photography Assistant: Andreas Warren Matti
Second Photography Assistant: Fabienne Watzke
Hair and Makeup Shooting: Stephanie Kunz
Technical Direction/Light Design: Patrik Rimann 
Sound Engineering:
 Jonas Häni
Technical Support Tour: Matyas Bokor
Management: Anna Geering
Production: Association All Exclusive, Anna Geering, Daphni Antoniou
Tour Management: Daphni Antoniou
Commissioned by: The Art Institute of Chicago
Supported by: The cooperative support agreement between the City of Zurich, the Canton of Zurich, Pro Helvetia—Swiss Arts Council, and the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
Co-produced by: Art Gallery of Ontario; Mudam Luxembourg; PACT Zollverein, Essen; Tanzquartier Wien; Bundeskunsthalle Bonn; Julidans, Amsterdam; Gessnerallee Zürich. This performance is a co-production in the frame of the Programmers’ Fund of Reso—Dance Network Switzerland, supported by Pro Helvetia—Swiss Arts Council.

In-Kind Sponsorship: Kwaidan Editions, London

Additional thanks to Cynthia Leung, Edward Traskowski, Paul B. Preciado, Adam Szymczyk, Verena Bachzetsis, Jannis Tsingaris, Aphroditi Antoniou, Raphael Hefti, Li Tavor, and André Desponds.


Iterations is generously supported by the Society for Contemporary Art, with additional support for Chasing a Ghost provided by the Goethe-Institut, Chicago, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago, and the Evening Associates of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sotiris Vasiliou in Alexandra Bachzetsis’s Chasing a Ghost (rehearsal still), 2019. Courtesy of the artist.