Jack Pierson

The Society for Contemporary Art proudly presents Jack Pierson Tuesday, November 19, 2002. Jack Pierson has received critical attention for work in a variety of media, including photography, painting, sculpture, and installation. All of his efforts are distinguished by themes of romantic love, desire, and longing. He is best known for using letters, made of wood, plastic, metal or neon, taken from old commercial signs and Las Vegas-style marquees, and reconfiguring them into suggestive, if enigmatic, words and phrases. Often, there is a poetic resonance between the shabby, tawdry letters and the meaning of the words presented. For instance, in Sin, 1995 (currently on view in Gallery 137 at the Art Institute), the configuration of the disjointed elements used to form the word wittily suggests the public vices and secret pleasures of a casino or a cheap motel. Pierson?s photographs of interiors, landscapes, commercial signage, flowers, and nudes simultaneously evoke a sense of domestic intimacy among friends, and urban transience. Often intentionally out of focus, Pierson?s photos capture idyllic, private human moments, achieving their remarkable beauty through an uncompromising faithfulness to a sense of the real which embraces seedy imperfection and kitsch. His photos, like letter sculptures, recover beauty and meaning in the discarded and the marginalized.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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06:00PM – 07:00PM – Dining
Solarium Lounge, 17th Floor

07:00PM – 08:00PM – Lecture
Solarium Lounge, 17th Floor