John Currin

The Society for Contemporary Art and the Collectors Forum of the Museum of Contemporary Art are proud to present JOHN CURRIN Tuesday March 20, 2001. John Currin was born in 1962 in Boulder, Colorado. He spent his childhood in Santa Cruz, California and his adolescence in Stamford, Connecticut. The child of strict parents who kept him under tight control, he is quoted by David Kirby in an Artnews article, ?Beauty & the Bimbo,? as saying, ?it?s good, in a way, if you have a repressed childhood. What you lose in experience you gain in imagination.? He obtained his BFA at Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 and his MFA from Yale University in 1986. He has gone on to live and work in New York City. Currin acknowledges the influence of Grunewald, D?rer, Hans Baldung Grien, Botticelli, Breughel and Cranach, as well as others and yet the work is strikingly contemporary. He himself has said his art is ?about looking at women.? There is a strangeness and yet a technical refinement in his work, which Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times art critic, has said is the crux of Mr. Currin?s work. Kimmelman goes on to say of the subjects of much of the work that the ?long-legged, round-bellied, flaxen-haired women whose anatomical impossibilities derive from Cranach but whose modernity brings to mind Calvin Klein advertisements and Vargas pinups?…?mix leering, lightheaded kitsch with old-masterish weight as if there were no distinction, a dizzying feat that makes every picture seem wholesome and evil at the same time.? In addition to solo exhibitions at the Andrea Rosen Gallery, the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Monika Spruth Gallery, Koln, Germany, Regen Projects, Los Angeles and many other venues, he has been included in numerous group exhibitions, recently and notably the Carnegie International 1999/2000 curated by Madeleine Grynsztejn, the Whitney Biennial 2000 and an exhibition entitled Examining Pictures: Exhibiting Paintings curated by Francesco Bonami, which originated at Whitechapel Art Gallery and traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois. Peter Schjeldahl, writing for The New Yorker, has said ?for Currin, it?s not that old things… are new again. It?s that ?old? and ?new? are exhausted categories. The past is present now. If the notion startles, it?s because we are not accustomed to it yet; but we soon will be.?

The Art Institute of Chicago
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