John Hejduk

To open the New Year our speaker will be the renowned architect John Hejduk, Dean of the School of Architecture, Cooper Union, New York City. Mr. Hejduk is one of the innovative group of architects called the New York Five. Although few of his designs have been built–an exception being the renovation of Cooper Union’s Foundation Building (1975)–his projects, writings, teaching methods and drawing technique have had great impact on recent architecture. The topic for our evening’s talk will be “Masque,” a description of Mr. Hejduk’s architectural thought process. An article entitled “Masque,” by Mr. Hejduk, appears in the December 1980 issue of Artforum; members might also refer to an article about Mr. Hejduk in Art in America, February 1980.

The Arts Club of Chicago
Members – $16

05 November, 1981 05:30PM – 06:15PM – Reception

05 November, 1981 06:15PM – 07:30PM – Dining

05 November, 1981 07:30PM – 09:00PM – Lecture