Karyn Olivier

The Society for Contemporary Art proudly presents Karyn Olivier Tuesday, March 25, 2003. The Woman?s Board Room, The Art Institute of Chicago The work of Karyn Olivier operates as a playful introduction to profound concerns. She once said, ?Though technology changes how my body experiences and understands three-dimensional entities, I do not believe it can ever render me numb, nor detach me from my senses. Our bodies are powerful; they house imaginations, memories and dreams. I believe that this power will prevail, independent of technology.? Since entering the CORE Program at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Olivier?s work has increasingly embraced architectural forms and functions. Her witty, succinct, and beautifully fabricated environments involve a full-body immersion that obviates conventional distinctions between art and architecture, object and imagination. In Success Ladder, 2001, a staircase ends before it begins, while visitors to Whispering Domes, 2001, must crouch before they can stand, alone or in groups, in ethereally-lit spaces that both protect and isolate. In Eeeeeeeeeeee! Graaaaack! Grack!, 2002, Olivier fabricated grackles and installed these avian pests along the rim of a skylight, for once mocking the birds. Born in Port of Spain, on the island of Trinidad, Karyn Olivier studied psychology at Dartmouth College and earned an MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2001. In addition to the CORE program, she has also participated in residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is an arts educator with experience in both studio teaching and curriculum integration, and has accepted a post as Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University of Houston. Installations in 2003 will include the Nave Museum in Victoria, Texas, Inman Gallery, Houston, The Sculpture Center, New York City, and the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art. She is the recipient of numerous academic scholarships and awards.

The Art Institute of Chicago
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The Woman’s Board Room

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The Woman’s Board Room

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