Leo Steinberg

Our next meeting will be the first of several events in 1980 celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Society. Our guest speaker will be the internationally known scholar, historian and critic Leo Steinberg. He is a Professor of Art History at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Michelangelo’s Last Paintings and Other Criteria. Alfred Frankenstein, in his review of Other Criteria for Art News said: “… the significance of this volume lies in the quality of its insights, and in the richness, precision, and elegance of its style… to find an academic art historian who demands as much subtlety of his own prose as he does of the painting and sculpture which are the central interest of his life is all but unique…A meeting with the mind of Leo Steinberg is one of the most enlightening experiences that contemporary criticism affords”. His subject will be “Regards to the 20th Century Avant-Garde.”

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $2.5

05:30PM – 06:30PM – Reception
Members’ Dining Room

06:30PM – 07:30PM – Lecture
Columbus Drive Auditorium