Anselm Kiefer

Mark Rosenthal

Anselm Kiefer is highly regarded in Europe as one of the pre-eminent contemporary artists. His work embodies a complex mix of materials, images, and associations through which he examines German history and culture – past and present. The themes Kiefer addresses are myth, art and spirituality, which he constructs through references to historical figures and events, literary sources, legend, alchemy and landscape – often combining these to create encompassing philosophical statements. The Kiefer Exhibition was organized by the late A. James Speyer and Mark Rosenthal, Curator of 20th Century Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mr. Rosenthal received his doctorate from the University of Iowa in 1979 with a dissertation on Paul Klee. As Curator of the University Art Museum at Berkeley, he organized exhibitions for several artists including Franz Marc, Francesco Clemente, Neil Jenny and Juan Gris. After coming to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1983, Mr. Rosenthal organized “Jonathon Borofsky”, and, in addition to organizing and writing the catalogue for Anselm Kiefer, he is preparing the exhibition “Jasper Johns, 1974-1986” for the United States Pavilion of the 1988 Venice Biennale.