Martha Schwartz

The speaker at the next meeting of the Society for Contemporary Art will be Martha Schwartz, artist, landscape artist, guest critic and visiting lecturer at various prestigious schools of design and fine arts as well as developer of her own business of consultation. She has won awards both in the United States and abroad, particularly in Italy. Ms. Schwartz has degrees in both fine arts and landscape architecture. Her work transcends distinctions between art and landscape design. She has done installations at the museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Vanguard Gallery in Philadelphia, at M.I.T. and currently at Battery City in New York. Her work has been executed in both traditional landscape materials such as earth, stone, water and plants as well as in more unusual materials such as Plexiglas, Astroturf and bagels. Her work includes a 20-acre cemetery in Madrid, the application of Astroturf to the facade of a Manhattan skyscraper, and a new town outside of Washington in collaboration with the architect Philip Johnson.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $30
Non-Members – $15

05:30PM – 06:15PM – Reception
The Stock Exchange Trading Room

06:15PM – 07:30PM – Lecture
The Stock Exchange Trading Room
Members – $15

07:30PM – 09:00PM – Dining
The Stock Exchange Trading Room