Modern and Contemporary Department

Private Viewing of works by Julia Fish With your membership donation to the Society for Contemporary Art at the Patron level, you have initiated a new standard of giving for our 60-year-old organization. ?We’d like to say thank you in a special way. ?Please join us on Thursday, March 15 at eleven o’clock for a private collection tour of the newly-reinstalled galleries of Modern art, to be introduced to you by Thomas and Frances Dittmer Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art and AIC Deputy Director Neal Benezra. ?We’ll enjoy luncheon with Neal in the Trustees’ Room after his gallery talk. ?Please indicate on the enclosed card whether you will be able to attend. As the inheritors of a great tradition of involved philanthropy, you have truly raised the bar for the Society’s mission: to acquire, for the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, contemporary art that truly reflects the issues and the spirit of its time. ?Founding members would be proud to see how their work has been carried on. ?The vision they made into a reality, with the support and encouragement of then-Director Daniel Catton Rich, has borne out of their conviction that the art of one’s day-contemporary art-is worthy of our attention, our interest, and our support. With each new purchase we look farther forward, but can look back with pride, too, as works from our past have taken on iconic significance in the history of modern art. ?Charles Sheeler’s The Artist Looks at Nature, Hans Hofmann’s Blue Rhythm, and Pollack’s great Greyed Rainbow were brave choices when the SCA selected them for the annual gift. ?In recent years, such works as James Turrell’s Rayna, Doris Salcedo’s Untitled (Armorie) and Lorna Simpson’s Suit have taken place as anchors of the collection. ?Gary Hume’s Yellow Angels, purchased last year, represents the first major work by this artist to be acquired by an American museum. ?You have helped to ensure that the tradition of the Society for Contemporary Art will continue, gaining strength through the security of a solid financial footing and conviction through our growing ranks of members. We also hope you’ll join us for the annual Sponsor’s collection visit-still in its planning stages at this writing-held in mid-May every year. ?It’s been a great year for the SCA so far, with terrific programs and a 35% increase in membership following last year’s Anniversary Gala. ?With your support and involvement, the role of contemporary art in the Art Institute’s collections will continue to grow. Sincerely, Nancy A. Lauter

The Art Institute of Chicago

11:00AM – 12:00PM – Tour
New Galleries of Modern Art

12:00PM – 01:00PM – Dining
The Trustees’ Room