Patron Collection Tour – Postponed


Please join the Society for Contemporary Art and the curators of the Modern and Contemporary department for this annual event, which recognizes the special commitment and generosity of Patron and Benefactor members and provides an opportunity for our Board to thank you for your extraordinary support during the past season.


This year we have the opportunity to experience the collection of Joe Mansueto and Rika Yoshida with a tour led by Joshua Mack, who has provided insight into post-war Japanese Abstraction to both their collection and the Art Institute of Chicago. The collection focuses on artists associated with Gutai, a Japanese avant-garde group formed in 1954, whose radical ideas and approaches to making art anticipated later performance and conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s. Their collection, which complements the holdings of the Art Institute, includes significant works by Kazuo Shiraga, Tsuruko Yamazaki, Toshio Yoshida, and Sadamasa Motonaga, among others, which demonstrate Gutai’s innovative approach to materials and execution. These artists both reacted to and recontextualized American Abstract Expressionism and posed creativity as an antidote to the conformism that had led to Japanese aggression in World War II.


You must be a current Patron or Benefactor member to attend. This event is complimentary.


Thank you to Joe Mansueto and Rika Yoshida for sharing their collection and Joshua Mack for generously hosting this special evening.


Sponsored in part by Christie’s

Kazuo Shiraga. Torimono, 1958. Oil on paper, mounted on canvas. 71 5/8 x 95 5/8 inches, (181.9 x 242.9 cm). SHI-0065.