Peter Doig

The Society for Contemporary Art Proudly presents Peter Doig Tuesday, December 11, 2001. Peter Doig is one of the most sought-after painters working today. Born in Edinburgh in 1959, Doig spent his childhood years in central Canada; in 1979 he moved to London to attend art school. The artist’s recent works include lushly painted, large-scale works in oil that reveal a tension between abstraction and figuration, while also engaging with pop music, cinema, photography and video. Working from his studio in London, Doig often bases his compositions on personal photographs and images from popular media, such as postcards, travel magazines and horror films, which he then layers, photocopies and sketches until they are several generations from the originals. From these highly reworked images he paints dramatic, colourful landscapes that are imbued with a sense of familiarity and heightened emotion. Doig?s works emanate a quiet sense of nostalgia reminiscent of one?s past. Other images conjure an atavistic feeling of a long forgotten memory. Frequently, his depictions of unnamed places, landscapes or scenes are partially obscured by the foregrounding of thickly rounded snowflakes or the cross sectioning of branches, leaves and trunks of trees. Peter Doig has been included in important international exhibitions and is the recipient of numerous prizes. He has exhibited at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Kunsthalle zu Kiel, and Kunsthalle N?rnberg. In the US, his work has been feature$ in one-person exhibitions at the St. Louis Art Museum and the Berkeley Art Museum. Doig was the recipient of first prize in both the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition (1993) and the Prix Elliette von Karajan (1994). He was also short-listed for the prestigious Turner Prize (1994), and received the Whitechapel Artists’ Award (1991). Presently, Doig also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery.

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