Roberta Smith

Roberta Smith, Senior Art Critic of The Village Voice since February of 1983, and a lecturer and writer on art criticism who is noted throughout the art world, will be our speaker at the next meeting of the Society on Wednesday, April 11, 1984. Ms. Smith received her B.A. degree at Grinnell College in Iowa and moved immediately into the art world at the Museum of Modern Art and then into the world of criticism at Art in America, Art Forum and Arts Magazine before and in conjunction with her work at The Village Voice. She will speak, not on any one artist, but on the world of art criticism and its meaning. For anyone interested in contemporary art, the world of art criticism is very important. Ms. Smith is hoping to stimulate direct questions which will open a real dialogue between herself and our audience. Come with your questions!

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $18

05:30PM – 06:15PM – Reception
Members’ Dining Room

06:15PM – 07:30PM – Dining
Members’ Dining Room

07:30PM – 09:00PM – Lecture
Members’ Dining Room