Salla Tykkä

The Society for Contemporary Art presents acclaimed Finnish filmmaker Salla Tykkä Tuesday, 16 September 2003.Salla Tykkä (born 1973) is a young Finnish artist exhibiting only since 1997, even before she completed her degree at art school, who is beginning to receive major, international attention for her photographs and short films. Like many emerging and established women artists, Tykkä’s work always centers around a young, female protagonist. Although the characters and experiences she represents are fictionalized, Tykkä’s practice can be understood as an exercise in extended self-portraiture. Although the artist continues to make photographs, her emerging international reputation is based primarily on her compelling short films. With the exception of her earliest, student work, these pieces lack dialogue. Their expressive potential is conveyed by means of printed language, tightly written concept scripts, sophisticated camerawork and editing, evocative casting and location, and emotive musical scores. The three, most recent works skillfully distill the look and feel of certain cinematic genres?such as the horror movie, the Western, or science fiction films?in an ongoing exploration of gender identity, fantasy, sexuality, and power.Tykkä’s latest films are at once epic and simple, violent and elegant, sentimental and cool, and totally entertaining. This Society for Contemporary Art screening of three short films (21 minutes in all) and artist talk will be the US museum premiere of Tykkä?’s work.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $50

06:00PM – 07:00PM – Exhibition
Price Auditorium

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Restaurant on the Park