Andrea Bowers in conversation with Sam Durant

The Society for Contemporary Art invites you to an evening with artists Sam Durant and Andrea Bowers Thursday, 18 November 2004. Sam Durant?s drawings, sculptures, photographs, lightboxes, and installations involving sculptural elements and audio components emerge from his exhaustive research across a broad spectrum of cultural histories. Through his associative connections, reversals, distortions, condensations and repetitions of events from recent history, he creates a personal archaeology, welcoming the slips and mistakes that ?historical? accounts inevitably set into play. Many of Durant?s works address, through the art, music, and counterculture of the 1960?s, the disappearance of the revolutionary America of that decade?a mythical time for Durant, who became a teenager in the 1970s. Ultimately, his art examines the interconnections between various aspects of culture that emerge out of the process of historicization. Questions of empowerment and participation are at the center of Andrea Bowers? artistic practice, which includes videos, drawings, installations, and scrapbooks. Bowers casts a sympathetic spotlight onto a wide range of actors, observers, influences, and models, and draws from traditions of Minimalist sculpture and dance as well as such pastimes as parades, sports, karaoke, and arcade video games. Focusing on the mechanics of spectacle and the diversions of consumer culture, Bowers? work engages in an active inquiry into the moments when observation and participation converge. Please join us for what promises to be a lively discussion between this Los Angeles-based couple, who have collaborated in the past.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Members – $60
Non-Members – $75

06:00PM – 07:30PM – Lecture
The Woman’s Board Room
Members – $15

07:30PM – 08:30PM – Dining
Gioco Restaurant