Sculpture Chicago

Sculpture Chicago will be the opening meeting of the 1987-88 season for the Society for Contemporary Art. Emily Nixon, Director of Sculpture Chicago Alumni Exhibition 1987, will discuss the history and purpose of the program, how the artists are selected and what Sculpture Chicago means to the community. Emily Nixon is principal of The Art Advisory. She was recently Associate Curator at The Continental Bank in Chicago and founding member and chairman of the Association of Corporate Art Curators. Ms. Nixon is a lecturer and art historian. This is the fifth year of Sculpture Chicago. It is an indoor/outdoor alumni exhibition. Nineteen sculptors who have previously participated have installed recent works for his exhibition. We will meet at the Dearborn Station and have the opportunity to see the restoration in progress and to see how this program of rehabilitation is giving a new energy and excitement to the South Loop area. The sculptors whose work are sited within the Dearborn Station will be invited to meet with us, to talk about their work and to join us for dinner. Society members will have the chance to observe and to question this exciting, often experimental work; the new materials used, and new ideas generated.

Dearborn Station
Members – $25

05:30PM – 06:30PM – Reception
The Mezzanine

06:30PM – 07:30PM – Dining
The Lobby

07:30PM – 09:00PM – Lecture
The Lobby